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☄ Moombahton Type Beat 2021 – Beat Dancehall 2021 – Dancehall x Moombahton Type Beat (FREE) ☄

A new type beat from Da Cupule x DShuffle, this time from Moombahton Type Beat Type Beat, an instrumental of Dancehall Instrumental entitled “VENUS”. Listen to it until the end!

⛔ This beat is FREE only to test it, if you want to use it commercially or to upload it to youtube, spotify … You have to acquire one of the licenses in our website ⛔

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Da Cupule, Da Right Choice.

PLEASE READ: In order to legally use this instrumental in any way (demo, non-profit, profit…) you need to purchase Leasing or Exclusive Rights.

🎹 This beat was produced, mixed & mastered by Da Cupule x DShuffle.
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Title: VENUS
Music Produced by: Da Cupule x DShuffle
Mixed & Mastered by: DShuffle
Artwork Design by: Da Cupule

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Moombahton x Dancehall type beat Type Beat 2021
Da Cupule 2021 All Rights Reserved©

#MoombahtonBeat #DancehallTypeBeat2021 #DancehallTypeBeat


00:00 – 00:09 INTRO
00:09 – 00:28 CHORUS 2
00:28 – 00:38 BREAK 1
00:38 – 01:07 VERSE 1
01:07 – 01:16 PRE-CHORUS 1
01:16 – 01:36 CHORUS 2
01:36 – 01:45 BREAK 2
01:45 – 02:14 VERSE 2
02:14 – 02:24 PRE-CHORUS 2
02:24 – 02:45 CHORUS 3

Da Cupule, Da Right Choice 😀

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