International Mixtape

Welcome to Apothecary Raree: Revitalize! The Premiere Official Livecast of San Francisco’s Neovintage & Electroswing Cabaret and Dance party, straight from the heart of DNA Lounge! Where Music is Medicine and Performance is Panacea.

Tune in to DNA Lounge’s webcast to revel in a LIVE doubly-steeped evening of burlesque, song, dance, and music with a healthy dose of live electroswing and neo-vintage DJs. Cures what ails ya!

(Psst… you also get to celebrate the birthdays of TWO of our lovely performers, Jain Dowe and Mz. K! – Cupcakes and Absinthe are very welcome.)

Dapper dress highly encouraged for your viewing experience!

Featuring performances by:
B-Nasty (Rap)
Hunny Bunny (Burlesque)
Jain Dowe (Burlesque)
Kippy Marks (EDM Violin)
Lisa Hyde (Dance)
Mz. K (Chanteuse)
Sgt. Die Wies (Burlesque)

Hosted by:
Sgt. Die Wies & Mz. K

With DJ:
Prinz Xzist


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