International Mixtape

While you stop and order your favorite cup of coffee this morning at your favorite cafe, I hope your day brings your dreams and desires closer to you. Sit back and relax and watch this 37min music video as we walk through time and see some beautiful and rare scenes of Versailles, Egyptian Relics and some oil paintings from the The Old Masters from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, while listening to great “undiscovered” laid back Piano songs that i love and i’m sure you will too.
As you may know, I do a lot of video editing, and I come across a lot of great music that I use for my background on my videos. ,I started putting music at the end of my videos. So what I did now was create a Playlist that has nothing but Songs that are uplifting and or make you reflect. I’m now sharing them to you. These songs are not in the mainstream radio , media,etc. Also in these videos are artists , models , dancers,videographers that are trying to get discovered in some way , I hope you like it. I’m going to call this Playlist “Cafe Fred’s”. Oh, it’s kind of an inside family Fun motto is “ Cafe Fred’s is not a place it’s a state of mind”. So Stop by, I hope you enjoy them and join in soon. Oh and let these artist know what you think. If you have any songs that are similar as whats on the playlist or if your a model or dancers ,videographer and would like for me to help promote your work, you can send your work to If you would like to know where i found this Music or videos, like and subscribe and send your requests to this email
and i will send you this info asap. thanks for Stopping by,
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hope to see yo soon..
Cafe Fred’s