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Que son Afroton Type Beats?
The Afroton Music Genre is a mixdown fusion of other mainstream genres likes Reggaeton, Dancehall & Afrobeats mainly in the Drums and Bass part of the Instrumental. It mixes the swing of afrobeats hi hats, percussions, rims, snares and toms with the signature drum patterns of Reggaeton drums and Dancehall kicks. It is an amazing blend of live instruments from gorgeous places like the Carribean and Africa not to mention Panama & Jamaica which is where Reggae and Reggaeton (Reggae Marathon) originated from. Hope you enjoy!

🎵 BMP: ➡ 89 BPM
🎼 SCALE: ➡ A# Major

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0:00 Coro [ 8 barras ]
0:21 Verso [ 12 barras ]
0:53 Puente [ 8 barras ]
1:15 Coro [ 8 barras ]
1:37 Verso [ 12 barras ]
2:09 Puente [ 8 barras ]
2:31 Coro [ 8 barras ]
2:52 Outro

Who is Steve Lion?
I was born in NYC and grew up in The Dominican Republic a big island in the heart of the Caribbean Sea where growing up I listened to all kinds of music from Reggaeton, Hip-Hop, Rap, Salsa, Bachata, EDM, Merengue, Pop, Techno, Freestyle, 80s music, 90s music, R&B.. literally everything!

I started making music in 2004 when a couple of my friends where recording in computer mics just messing around with famous instrumentals we would find on the internet. A few months later my dad bought me a computer and the guy who built it happened to have Fruity Loops 4th Edition in his arsenal of softwares and somehow he knew we were messing around with music and wanted me to install it, but at the time I had no intentions to start producing. I didn’t even know what that was. I was 14. I actually told him not to bother giving me the original CD for me to install because I was probably not going to use it anyway. But hold and behold a few months later I opened my now beloved Fruity for the first time and been in love since.

My main influences growing up were Reggaeton & Hip-Hop/R&B and as far as Producers who inspired me I can mention a 100 but Timbaland, Max Martin & Eliel El Que Habla Con Las Manos have been the top ones overall. Im a student of the game and hope to forever be learning and evolving my love for this thing and make the world bounce to my rhythm 🎧👽

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Visualizer: FL Studio Z-Game Editor

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