International Mixtape

Enjoy relaxing jazz piano lounge music with a cozy crackling fireplace. The fire was filmed by me in 4K resolution and features 13 songs of relaxing fireplace jazz music for a cozy ambience.
I hope you enjoy this instrumental jazz fireplace!
– Julia

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This fireplace was recorded by me and the music comes from these talented musicians:
00:00 Easy Jazz by Pantheon
03:22 This Jazz by EightBall
05:19 Jazz Piano by EvolvingVibes
08:22 Jazz Lounge by TexasBrother
11:57 That Jazz by EightBall
13:24 Jazz Piano by Korolkov
15:56 That Light Jazz by EightBall
18:00 Serendipity by Giovanni
20:12 Piano Slow Jazz Restaurant by Praded
22:37 Alone in the City by Giovanni
26:22 Into the Night by Enzo Orefice
29:18 Lazy Afternoon by Giovanni
32:01 Kickin Back by Giovanni
34:38 Relaxing Piano Jazz – Relax with TV Backgrounds

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