International Mixtape

Have a lot of fun jamming to this FUN backing track! Grab your instrument and join in on this groovy and engaging backing track. With Elite Backing Tracks we let you jam along to this backing track and MORE tracks! Learn more about Elite Backing Tracks here:

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So, what is Elite Backing Tracks?

Elite Backing Tracks is a producer of jam tracks for the practicing musician, students, and other music professionals.

Our goal is to help you with your practice with our hundreds of free YouTube videos, so that you can have fun while improving on your instrument.

We make backing tracks in a multitude of genres and styles, be it smooth jazz, swing jazz, pop-rock, blues, latin, bossa nova, and more. Our videos show the chords in real-time, so that you can focus on playing around with scales, arpeggios, chords, bass-lines, drums, or any other instrument practice that you see fit.

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