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00:00 Power Druid – Eyes Tight
04:22 Thompson Town Flowers – Montego Sunset
08:10 TAGE – Bob Malin
12:38 Thompson Town Flowers – Don’t Lose Your Cool
15:52 Dexter & The Disciples – Puerto Escondido
19:37 Thompson Town Flowers – Begging (Instrumental Version)
22:49 Dexter & The Disciples – Uluwatu
26:05 Thompson Town Flowers – Heavy Breeze
31:12 Thompson Town Flowers – Spaghetti on the Island
34:54 Dexter & The Disciples – Padang Padang
38:16 Devil and the Perfects – Free at Last
40:12 Devil and the Perfects – Walking Round Kingston
42:07 Devil and the Perfects – A Beautiful World
44:02 Thompson Town Flowers – More Prosperity More Love
47:24 Dexter & The Disciples – Moonlight Caravan
50:59 One Drop Culture – Turn Left by the Dirt Road
52:59 Lou Ricard – Lawd a Massi
56:09 Lou Ricard – Duppy
59:12 Alexandra Woodward – Rabbit Reggae

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