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This artist takes spacey to another level! While listening to his music we at the studio where litterally tripping for a while, n.j. The build up of the music, especially “Het is alleen” and “Er is geen tijd”, take you through various emotions and epic lyrics (we understand dutch) that would make your “high” go “sky high”! XD

Obviously this all in a positive sense of speaking. We like the sounds, the rythm, and spacey vibe this music creates. I see this music moving crowds in some kind of pattern and flow, very hypnotic!

The artist origins from The Netherlands the home of lot’s of successful DJ’s. His background in poetry makes his compositions complete and unique. We see this artist hitting the big stage internationally very soon, I mean why not? The overall quality is professional, the music is original, the lyrics are epic, and then some! 

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EP Album: Ophiuchus

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SpaceAgePoetry – Amsterdam, December 2019

Spoken word can best be described as rhythmic poetry with a performance element. Who has been active in this scene since 2009 is Justin Samgar. Started as a house poet at Spuiten en Slikken and later seen everywhere in the Netherlands as a spoken word artist on Lowlands, Mysteryland and in Paradiso and Melkweg, among others.

Justin has been performing for three years now with a DJ in clubs and at festivals and raves under the name SpaceAgePoetry. He combines Dutch spoken word with the electronic music of producers from different countries. Never before in the Netherlands have these genres been merged. In recent months, SpaceAgePoetry released two singles and videos from the upcoming Ophiuchus EP. Both singles have been picked up by the Berlin electronic music platforms Amselcom and Trndmsk.

December 11th this new EP from SpaceAgePoetry was released by Camel Riders Records. Not entirely coincidentally, this is Justin Samgar’s birthday. According to some, his zodiac sign is not Sagittarius but the 13th sign of the zodiac, the Serpent Carrier or Ophiuchus. A sign that fits a person who stands between two worlds and oracles like hypnotic beats like a word shaman, in order to draw his listeners to another world while dancing.

About SpaceAgePoetry

In his youth, Justin Samgar, aka SpaceAgePoetry, swallowed up all the music and books he could find, while his parents were just trying to shut their families off from this world by joining a cult. This influence can be heard in both the use of voice and the content of Justin’s texts. His poetry and spoken word are often about the search for love and meaning, in which he uses the universe as the ultimate metaphor for his loneliness and the worlds unknown to him. He still sees himself as the little boy who looks at the stars and wants to explore new worlds.


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