Aesop Rock – Black Snow (feat. Nikki Jean) [Official Audio]


Written by Aesop Rock and Nikki Jean
Prod by Aesop Rock
Keys by Nikki Jean and Asher Fulero
Horns by Grimace Federation
Cuts by Forest Pond

Black is the color of the snow
Snacks in the cupboard by the stove
3-wicks clutter up his home
Deep-six whatever you know
Keep fit shoveling the coal
Keep silly putty on the funnies
Nail down the sum of what you own
Phone every someone that you owe
Cut your own hair in the sink
Change into something that you’d wear
If you were summoned to the throne
Do advanced math on the walls
Talk to your plants, tell ‘em something bad from the vaults
Try to split a lentil into threes
Visualize a future with your tabby in a broth
Make your own arrows, learn to throw an axe into a log
Get it casual as a cashew in the maw
Write a phone number with a magnum on your arm
One that when you call it someone answer but the aren’t there to talk

Black is the color of the snow
Cash in the cupboard by the stove
Free kicks clutter up his home
The dream is a ferry in the fog
Sheepskin buffering the cold
Sweet wind to carry you to god
Free brunch buffet on the boat
Real maple syrup is involved
Real shame peace is a theory not a law
Precipitation should be clear or not at all, but

Black is the color of the snow
Stash in the cupboard by the stove
Keepsakes clutter up his home
Cell death coming up the coast
Freedom ain’t a function it’s a mode
Throw a couple punches in the mirror
Punch up your approach, on some
“Are you talking to me” or a thumper out the coat?
Draw something savage on the back or the front or the both
A taunt for the fungus and the mold
Stomp around the room like a child
throw your fucking baba on the floor
Trauma down to ruin you inside
Body like a buoy in the tide
Vomit come shooting through his eyes
Brain in the pan, black is the color of the paint in the can
Remove all the tubes and the wires
Polish every tooth in your smile
Document the true and livin’, not the irrefutably beguiled

Black is the color of the snow
Rats in the cupboard by the stove
Cheap tricks clutter up his home
The dream is a ferry in the fog
Queen-pin stuffing up his cones
Sweet wind to carry you to god
Least fit chumming up the moat
TV on clearance at the mall
Refreshing water disappear into mirage
Precipitation should be clear or not as all, but

Stick out your tongue and taste it
Chase it with a dirty smile
Find beauty in the wasted
We gon’ be here for awhile
Fall back, fall down
Wave your arms and legs around
We make them all the same but
Angels, they look different now

O’ death, O’ death
Could ya please hold a moment, I am so in effect
In the red corner, black snow a notable threat
I’m in the blue corner, satin over solar event
Golden oval on the belt, granny floral on the trunks
Orange tiger on the robe, iron horseshoe in the glove
I ain’t foreign to the dance, I been up against the ropes
And refs, granted never while I’m humming “Let it Snow”
Let it snow, I thread a whole cyclone eye
In no time, zebra coat never not bone dry
Get it, I don’t wanna set the wrong tone
But I hear a bell ding, there another pawn go
Footwork dirty, a blur to the eye witness
Encourage a crowded theatre to curse at a fried Christmas
What plague add blood to the flakes
Something from another world, son, the water ain’t safe
And I step in the arena with a hundred one apes
Looking dead at the upheaval like it’s summer at the cape
I’m saying, nothing shake the mother of all hate
Like a plea to “hurry up I got another ball of snakes
On the schedule”, the principal of other pressing matters
Press the button get the present company Abracadabra’d
This ring is beach house, for critical beat downs
And free sno-cones between rounds
It go, cash only, ashes ashes
Bet the farm, Aes get the dark cloud active
Pay per view event live, prehistoric man fights
Visual analogy of profound baggage
For the folks in the back row
Stomping on the floor when the black snow Glass Joe
Thank you, y’all have a safe night
See you in the morn the forecast ain’t right


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