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The International Mixtapes are free promotionals for stores, clubs, radios, gyms, record labels, dj’s and more! That means you get a very broad range of unique listeners, if you claim a spot on one of the mixtape.

Our mission is to promote this mixtape and have artist gain exposure internationally

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Artists, musicians, dj’s, producers, advertisers, etc. can pay for a spot on one or more of the mixtapes. Once published, the mixtape is sent and promoted internationally in stores, clubs, radios, gyms, record labels, dj’s, gas stations and many more! That means you get a very broad range of listeners, if your song or shoutout gets a spot on one of the mixtapes. We work with a couple of large networks who are mainly involved with A&R, management and PR services. Join us today to enjoy our priceless offers!

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Notice: International Mixtape is NOT for any artist...

Your songs must be original and you must own and control 100% of the copyrights in both the composition and master recording of the music. Your music must be free of 3rd party rights. We will promote and represent your music to our clients and they will have the rights to play this at their businesses for promotional purposes.

In fact, this platform is ONLY for 2 types of artists:

1: Artists who are trying to reach their next level in the music industry.

2: Artists that are willing to invest in themselves to find a unique audience, better interaction, engagement with fans, and a network of like-minded artists.

If that is not you then stop reading this now, because we will unfortunately not be able to help you unless you are willing to invest in yourself and your happiness.

However, if you are an artist or someone that is willing to invest in themselves to get the exposure you deserve… then..

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6. Get to know our entire network of record labels, clubs, bars, gyms, stores, schools, press, booking agents (priceless!)

We have a large and growing artist / business / fan base and actively send these mixtapes to people in the music industry. Boost your music career and become an international artist! Claim a spot on International Mixtape today!

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Our Mission is To Have These Spread Worldwide Across the Planet! Keep checking this website so you can see how fast this mixtape is gaining audience! We will upload every point the mixtapes are available or being played.

Want your record label, gym or store on our list? Send us a request and make sure you type in your company / stores name. We will send you a bunch of mixtapes, in store promo-material and add you on the list! Besides that you will have new music to listen to on your way to work or at the store, gym, office, schools, etc! Contact us and we will keep you up to date!

The list of partners contain company information, pictures of the poster(s), flyers and cd’s in store (or other type of store).