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StayRich Stunt and his crew are true rap “rockstars”! The music has awesome beats, unique flows and dope and sometimes funny (check “Party” :p ) lyrics! The sound is very good and can really be a good addition to any trap playlist out there! I’d say specifically workout music! We are happy to promote it here on our channel and thank you for sharing your music to our audience for them to enjoy!

We would definitely like to have one of these songs on the upcoming International Mixtape Volume 2!

Album Title: Money Brandit
Song-writer: StayRich Stunt
Release Year: 2020
Genre: Hiphop
Album length: approx. 15 minutes

This DMV rapper out of Virginia has been making an attempt to make a mark in the industry. With his unique style the independent label of Stayrich Enterprises has a lot of talent on their hands .. ORIGINALLY from Brooklyn Ny STAYRICH STUNT was raised in Virginia and is one of the low key major background players of the 757 nightlight and underworld. His rise included hit single “No Other Way” With HARDHEAD DA BOI. This single stated they were here .. recently released a video in Virginia Beach Nightclub of the new dance pop hit “PARTY”. A totally new sound from this artist. He and partner STAYRICH MONEYSOSA WILL BE HEARD VERY SOON!

Watch "Party" by StayRich Stunt

This song really sparks our “weekend-mode” and makes us wanna go out and PARTY! The beat is grimey and the flow is classic for this type of track. The song reminds us of the late nights in the club going hard on trap and Mortal Kombat somehow?! (If you have not experienced a trap night “DO IT!”) XD

We can’t really say this is only TRAP because it’s kind of mixed with pop or dance and just sounds really good! Our favorite line on the song is “Your girl wants to partyyyyy!” XD

No Other Way by Hardhead Da Boi x Stay Rich Stunt

“No Other Way” is a DMV rap song representing the “Money Brandit” gang that sounds like the typical trap music we can gangbang on all day (working out in our case 😛 ) but definitely has is own unique style to it! We like it! Dope song, dope video!

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If you want to hear more from Stayrich Stunt, DMV rapper, check out “Money Bandit”, the album is available in all online stores. Watch the video and follow Stayrich Stunt. on social media to support and stay up to date with all his latest DMV music! 

Listen to "Shorty" by StayRich Stunt

Shorty is a trap song about them girls who don’t look at you on your lows but want you now you making money! It reminds me of some famous songs we listen to here at International Mixtape. Check it out!

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