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“Chillwave Vibes: Chillout Lounge Music for a Chill Atmosphere” will help you relax and unwind. This collection of laid-back lounge tracks is ideal for creating a stress-free environment. Immerse yourself in the calming rhythms and soothing melodies of chillwave music, a dreamy and nostalgic sound.

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This playlist is the ideal soundtrack for a chillout session, whether you’re looking to unwind after a long day or simply want to enjoy a moment of peace. So sit back, relax, and let “Chillwave Vibes'” smooth grooves transport you to a state of blissful relaxation.
Enjoy the whole mix!

Dreams Machine – Keep Melody 00:00 – 03:02
Lofi Beats – Bittersweet Symphony (Lofi Sped Up) 06:48
Leisure Pleasure – Cohesive Proposals 11:06
Collective Sound Members – I Will Hold You 14:52
Degreezero – Heart of Stone 18:21
Klasse XXI – Essential Qualities 22:49
b!au – Blob 31:43
8Two – Fair 35:38
Study Music Library – Power on Books 38:35
Lofi Quality Content – Contemplated Conscience 43:17
pham dinh hien – Wish You Were Here My Honey 46:07
Music for Work – Beats of Studying Better 48:23
LofiCentral – Last Christmas (Sped Up) 51:06
Shorpi – Zeitlos 57:29
Kelly Fisher – Zanzibar Bay (8D Audio) 58:53
Rodion Suleymanov – Zabitaya (DJ Rostej Remix) 01:03:21
Tomasz Pauszek – Ypsilon (Reverse Mix) 01:11:24
In State Of Flux – You’re Fuel to My Car (Original Version) 01:21:08
Makka Dj – Your Shadow in My Heart 01:25:33

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