International Mixtape

Welcome to the Coffee Lounge, where you can unwind with a cup of coffee and some upbeat music! Our playlist has been carefully curated to provide a laid-back and chill atmosphere, ideal for catching up with friends or working.

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Our playlist includes songs with smooth beats, mellow vocals, and soothing melodies. They are a mix of genres, including indie, acoustic, and chillhop, but they all have a relaxing and positive energy in common.
Enjoy the whole mix!

Myah – Violets 00:00 – 03:06
Karen Gibson Roc – Beautiful Flower 07:39
Jane Maximova – Morning Bird 13:31
Road – Still 17:26
Peter Pearson – Cool as A Mountain Stream 22:07
Luis Hermandez – Mi Amor 25:42
Mirage Of Deep – I Hear Dreams (Five Seasons Remix) 31:49
Bob Zopp – Summer On the Strand 36:51
Puch – Kiss My Brass 42:05
VAN – Enchantment Costa De La Luz 49:13
Jose Delgado – Sal Rossa 54:45
Christoph Spendel Trio – Unknown Events 01:02:00
Mark Oakland – Reminescense 01:06:48
Johannes Huppertz – Seven Sences 01:10:54
Man In A Room – Thief Of Time 01:15:25
Openzone Bar – Caruso Blanco 01:20:12
Urban Phunk Society – Shadow Play 01:23:22
Mazelo Nostra – Beach Hopper 01:29:40
Pat Appleton – Cloudless 01:34:09
Schwarz – Under My Skin (Remastered Version) 01:39:23
Jazzamor – From Afar 01:41:30
Dreamhunter – Tropical 01:45:51

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