Lounge Ladies ???? Jazz & Bossa Covers of Pop Hits

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Lounge Ladies ???? Jazz & Bossa Covers of Pop Hits
Enjoy a world of serenity and elegance through music! We present to you a selection of talented women who perform the most memorable hits in captivating bossa nova, acoustic and jazz versions. Sarah Menescal, Karen Souza, Lila Frascara and Flora Martinez are four exceptional singers who will take you to a unique state of relaxation and well-being with their captivating voices. Our talented female voices will guide you through a unique sound experience, where each song becomes a musical gem, perfect to disconnect and relax completely.
Let the magic of bossa nova, acoustic and jazz unleash your passion and intertwine to give you moments of pure enjoyment. Join us as we envelop you in an atmosphere of tranquility and musical beauty.
00:00:00 Karen Souza – Personal Jesus (Live)
00:03:28 @SarahMenescalOfficial – Dont Speak (Live Acoustic Session)
00:07:09 Flora Martinez – Happy (Visualizer)
00:10:36 Sarah Menescal – Adventure Of A Lifetime (Lyric)
00:14:30 Karen Souza – Tainted Love (Live)
00:17:46 Sarah Menescal – Over my Shoulder (Live Acoustic Session)
00:20:14 Flora Martinez – Safe and Sound (Visualizer)
00:23:38 Sarah Menescal – Stand By Me (Official Video)
00:26:44 Karen Souza – Get Lucky (Visualizer)
00:30:01 Sarah Menescal – Like a Prayer (Live Acoustic Session)
00:33:31 Karen Souza – Every Breath You Take (Lyric)
00:36:16 Lila Frascara – Corcovado (Live)
00:39:10 Karen Souza – Creep (Live)
00:42:31 Flora Martinez – Gimme Shelter (Visualizer)
00:45:21 Karen Souza – Wicked Game (Visualizer)
00:49:22 Sarah Menescal – Clocks (Lyric)
00:53:02 Sarah Menescal – Used To Love Her (Lyric)
00:56:03 Karen Souza – Everybody Hurts (Visualizer)
01:00:11 Flora Martinez – Make You Feel My Love (Visualizer)
01:04:13 Sarah Menescal – Cryin (Live Acoustic Session)
01:07:22 Karen Souza – Everyday Is Like Sunday (Visualizer)
01:10:51 Flora Martinez – Take My Breath Away (Visualizer)
01:14:17 Karen Souza – Have You Ever Seen The Rain (Visualizer)
01:18:21 Sarah Menescal – Love Hurts (Live Acoustic Session)
01:21:12 Flora Martinez – The Captain of Her Heart (Visualizer)
01:25:16 Karen Souza – Lie to Me (Live)
01:28:01 Sarah Menescal – Every Beat of My Heart (Lyric)
01:31:51 Flora Martinez – The Scientist (Visualizer)
01:36:16 Karen Souza – Never Gonna Give You Up (Visualizer)
01:38:56 Sarah Menescal – Here comes the sun (Live Acoustic Session)
01:41:29 Flora Martinez – True Colors (Visualizer)
01:44:36 Karen Souza – Never Tear Us Apart (Visualizer)
01:47:48 Sarah Menescal – Stand by me (Live Acoustic Session)
01:50:30 Karen Souza – New Year’s Day (Visualizer)
01:54:18 Sarah Menescal – Time after time (Live Acoustic Session)
01:58:06 Sarah Menescal – Oh L’Amour (Lyric)
02:01:08 Sarah Menescal – Angels (Live Acoustic Session)
02:03:51 Sarah Menescal – Mercy Mercy Me (Lyric)
02:06:38 Karen Souza – Skin Trade (Visualizer)
02:10:11 Sarah Menescal – Free fallin (Live Acoustic Session)
02:14:01 Sarah Menescal – I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Lyric)
02:17:01 Karen Souza – Strawberry Fields Forever (Visualizer)
02:20:52 Sarah Menescal – Company (Live Acoustic Session)
02:23:47 Sarah Menescal – Hunting High and Low (Lyric)
02:26:32 Sarah Menescal – Over My Shoulder (Lyric)
02:29:49 Sarah Menescal – Here Comes The Sun (Lyric)
02:32:19 Karen Souza – The Way It Is (Visualizer)
02:35:38 Sarah Menescal – Save A Prayer (Lyric)
02:39:11 Sarah Menescal – Don’t Speak (Lyric)
02:43:12 Karen Souza – Think for a Minute (Visualizer)
02:46:41 Sarah Menescal – Shallow (Lyric)
02:49:54 Karen Souza – Bette Davis Eyes (Live)
02:53:36 Sarah Menescal – Company (Lyric)
02:56:32 Karen Souza – Wake Up And Make Love With Me (Visualizer)
02:59:55 Sarah Menescal – Shout (Lyric)
03:03:57 Lila Frascara – Ring (Live)
03:08:08 Sarah Menescal – Can’t Help Falling In Love (Lyric)
03:11:23 Karen Souza – Billie Jean (Visualizer)
03:14:55 Sarah Menescal – Stand By Me (Lyric)
03:17:59 Sarah Menescal – Call Me (Lyric)
03:20:42 Lila Frascara – Lady (Live)
03:24:58 Karen Souza – Corcovado (Visualizer)
03:28:41 Sarah Menescal – The Game Of Love (Lyric)
03:32:04 Vintage Reggae Café Band – Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door (Live x Maia Escandarani)
03:34:42 Sarah Menescal – Alive And Kicking (Lyric)
03:38:31 Karen Souza – Do You Really Want To Hurt Me (Live)
03:42:11 Sarah Menescal – Time After Time (Lyric)
03:45:38 Vintage Reggae Café Band – In Bloom (Live x Silvin Santana & Max Dubster)
03:49:13 Sarah Menescal – What’s Up (Lyric)
03:52:45 Karen Souza – Dreams (Visualizer)
03:56:22 Sarah Menescal – Trouble (Lyric)
03:59:52 Flora Marti­nez – Los Aretes de la Luna – Video Oficial
04:03:10 Lila Frascara – Road(Live)

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