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Documenting the life of Elijah Sommerz

Elijah Sommerz was born on the 22nd of December, 1991, in Toronto, ca. He is a famous public figure for social justice advocacy for Afrocentric Canadians -2016 He is also an aspiring musician/Rapper from Toronto Ontario he is also one of many co-founders of a talent label that is a subsidiary management imprint to date. J stone Management Group & co.

Mr. Sommerz is a networking and technology Guru who is employed as a Full-Time serial Entrepreneur – 3795 [1] who is also a Talent Manager, he’s currently an active modern-day investor, who is also a rising public figure as an Antagonistic Advocate for social justice for Afrocentric Canadians.

Elijah Sommerz’s Personal Information

Birth Name: Robert Vernon
Artist Name: Elijah Sommerz
Date of birth:
Place of birth: Toronto Ontario, Canada
Height: 6-feet 2’ (1.87960-m)
Occupation: Real Estate Portfolio Location Investor, Talent Manager, Canadian Rapper/Entrepreneur
Spouse: N/A
Height: 6’2 feet –tall
Weight: 185kg-200kg

Genres:  hip-hop, pop music, hard-core rap

Labels: J Stone Management Group & Co -2016 present – joint venture – undisclosed Major-signed 2019

Birthplace: Toronto, Ontario.

Occupation: Modern Canadian Entrepreneur, Business man, Songwriter, Musical, Actor, Executive Producer, Web Tech software engineer sports management – ( – independently owned by int- Australian investor group

Elijah Sommerz estimated net worth: (approx. ≅) 1.4 million -2million dollars- (CAD) Source of income: Real Estate Portfolio Location Investor and being a modern-day Talent-Manager. ** The information was submitted by our media relations team member. For any additional information regarding; net worth, earnings or other helpful facts please, contact our media relations team.


Elijah Sommerz is a Canadian businessman who is best known for being a Talent manager and full-time Real Estate Portfolio Location Investor Internationally.  

Fun Facts about Elijah Sommerz


First Name: Elijah Sommerz – MR Robert Vernon


Entrepreneur & Talent Manager – CO-Founder of a Multi-Million Dollar Real Estate Portfolio Location Investor

Ethnicity: Afrocentric-Canadian

Fathers Name: Lascelles Ozzie love

Mothers Name: Deborah Vernon

Gender Identity: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight

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