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Chocolate Factory ,Tropavibes, Bob Marley, Kokoi Baldo, Nairud Sa Wabad || Reggae Songs 2023
Chocolate Factory ,Tropavibes, Bob Marley, Kokoi Baldo, Nairud Sa Wabad || Reggae Songs 2023
Chocolate Factory ,Tropavibes, Bob Marley, Kokoi Baldo, Nairud Sa Wabad || Reggae Songs 2023
01. Easy On Me
02. No Arms Can Ever Hold You
03. Hotel Californian
04. Young Dumb and Broke
05. One Day Kokoi Baldo
06. Kung Ika’y Akin
07. Beautiful Scars
08. I Don’t Wanna To Talk About It
09. Banyo Queen
10. Wonderful Tonight
11. Dahil mahal kita
12. Naaalala Ka
13. Himig ng pag ibig
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