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Presenting “I´m Your Rain” by Amel D, rock singer & entrepreneur! 

The 1st song on the new album “Cross To Hell”, is cool how much this song reminds me of some kind of rock song I just can’t get in mind. In a different style with a twist and maybe even an Asian style perhaps? With influences of punk rock, metal, alternative rock and even jazz in the early years of her career, this businesswoman who was born in Jakarta, Indonesia is now becoming an awesome ROCKSTAR. Here at the studio, we like the sound of it, we like the unique voice and definitely the unique style this artist brings in general. (You should see her pictures! The lyrics are … crazy (in a good way) and therefor feel very profound, I guess?! We can’t decide but we like it! 🤘 Rock on & Thumbs up for Amel D, for getting out there and expressing herself and sharing it with us.

Song Title: I’m Your Rain
Song-writer: AMEL D
Release Year: 2019
Genre: Alternative Rock
Track length: 03:45
©2019 AMEL D
℗2019 MESA FRD 

The new album “Cross To Hell” is her 2nd single and starts with “I’m your Rain”. Watch the lyric video below so you can get an idea of what we’re talking about if you haven’t already heard music by Amel D! At International Mixtape we focus on connecting the artist’s audiences with our own network but also like to connect artists with each other. If we would then think of who we would like to hear Amel D do a featuring with a lot of fresh independent artist come to mind. I won’t give any examples to not influence your thoughts but we would like you to comment who you think would sound great with Amel D’s music style?

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If you want to hear more from Amel D. rock singer and writer check out “Cross To Hell”, the album is available in all online stores. Watch the video and follow Amel D. on social media to support and stay up to date with all her latest alternative rock music! 

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