Artist Promo Pack #1


  • Album Cover Design
  • Promo Video Production
  • Online Exposure incl. and .net
  • Social Media Publishment

Order now to get your music the promo-tools and exposure it deserves! The only thing you need to do after you order, is send us your song and information (biography, producer, artist, etc.) a high-quality picture and let us do the creating and promoting for you!

  • Your Song on the next International Mixtape Volume!
  • Your name and song on flyers, posters and all our media!
  • Personalized International Mixtape Branded Album Cover (worth >$100,-)
  • ID3Tagged High-Quality Mp3-File
  • Song publishment on the International Mixtape Network
  • Your Press Release, biography, and backlinks to your Spotify, iTunes, and Soundcloud on
  • An International Mixtape High-Quality Promo Video (worth >$200,-)
  • Mixtape and Song Publishment on our Youtube Channel
  • Song + message (pr) will be shared on all our social media; facebook, twitter, Instagram and many more


Watch a Sample Promo Video You Can Get For Your Song!

Invest In Your Music Career, Get This Awesome Artist Promo Pack Now!


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