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Stefflon Don – Dilemma ft Sidhu Moose Wala, GuiltyBeatz & Steel Banglez (Official Music Video)

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Dont run dont run when we mi pull up and done
Walk with di k with di extension
Dont try diss you will get clart up
Inna di cappa field
we will mek yuh body fart up
Gangsta tell mi weh dem a do Mavdo
Diss a no no game dis a no fisado
mek a gyal sing like demi levato
real badness then we step and cut

Yuh fi live life
Dance yuh fi dance yuh fi enjoy
You a watch me live my life
Shake it up
Body weh yuh have you fi wake it up

No mek mi Charge up
Chappa a go chop inna di wells fargo
Gyal a get fuck wen Benz start up
Start up we no laugh up a no every body you see yuh fi talk up

Sidhu Moose Wala

Girl from the Uk, you talk in a slang. Roam around Southall with your girl gang.

Fresh out on bail, your boy from that gun case. Ghostface killah if I were in the Wu-tang

Everyone be calling me big bro and respecting the name. I’ll make all of your gun/weapon dreams come true. Where you want I’ll pullout your semi.

Steff there’s nothin in London let’s head to Punjab.

Seen many courts but I don’t believe in them dates.
24/7 – 100 of people be waiting at my gate.
I’ll make you a Queen and show you the luxury.
I’ve got a small mansion surrounded by my farms.

You’ll forget about your cars. Let’s bring out the 59/11 (his tractor)
Let them weapons go and test out my friendship (Ride or Die)

I am not scared of no Crows (Fake callings). No cowards.

Ask them who Moosewala is. Ask the stars who Moosewala is.

Produced By : Guilty Beatz

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