International Mixtape

International Mixtape is a world-wide platform for artists to boost their music career to another level. The club music organizer, new musicians, dancing class teachers and everyone else in between don’t have to worry anymore, with the establishment of International Mixtape. International Mixtape offers an outstanding and promising stage for musicians and artists. In the environment of this organization artists get published via CD. The favourite pieces of music by different artists are recorded on CD.

The organization produces one thousand copies per mixtape and circulates it in its official network into the world. This promotion of valuable music is ensured by this platform. The mixtape is promoted in stores, clubs, and radios and at many more platforms at international level, giving the artist a wide range of fans and listeners. The artist has to pay for a spot in one of the periodic mixtapes.

International Mixtape lets you submit your music and get published on the International Mixtape CDs. It receives numerous music submissions on daily basis. If it founds the music good enough, the artist managers contact the submitter to deal with promotion packages. Not only do they get this opportunity, but the International Mixtape also addresses the artist’s page on its website with their picture on the cover.

Packages offered are three in total. Sneak preview package of one and a half minute, main artist package of three minutes and the last is premium artist package of publishing three songs per mixtape. International Mixtape on the whole promotes your music across the globe, provides you with CDs containing your own music for free, and widely encourages the playing of these CDs by record labels, clubs, bars, gyms, stores, schools, press, booking agents, etc.

International Mixtape is gaining audience on an unbelievable speed in more than 20 countries presently. It uploads every photo or video confirming the playing of the mixtape. It has made the trend of listening to music on the way to school, home, work, office, gym incredibly delighting the audience by introducing various music types. The music types includes R&B, Latin, Salsa, Bachata, Pop, Rap, Techno, Rock, Reggae, instrumental, remix, dubstep, Reggae ton, and DJs. It has established a large network over the social media to obtain desired goal.

International Mixtape usually responds within 24-hours but patience is the key to get famous. Submit your ambitions on music without any delay to International Mixtape for incredible preference and publicity of your talent.

International Mixtape – Platform for artists to get established!