10 AWFUL Kidz Bop Rock Songs

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Remember Kidz Bop? The compilation CDs with little kids singing the songs to cheap re-recordings? They were all terrible. This video looks at 10 AWFUL Kidz Bop Rock Songs.
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0:00 – Factor
1:00 – Intro
2:03 – Linkin Park “In The End”
3:19 – Blink-182 “All The Small Things”
4:27 – Evanescence “Bring Me To Life”
5:50 – Good Charlotte “Girls & Boys”
7:00 – Gorillaz “Feel Good Inc.”
8:19 – Kings Of Leon “Use Somebody”
9:32 – Shinedown “Second Chance”
10:51 – 3 Doors Down “When I’m Gone”
11:57 – Buckcherry “Sorry”
13:03 – Hinder “Lips Of An Angel”
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“Kidz Bop is a popular music brand that covers hit songs with child-friendly lyrics. The brand has released over 100 albums since its inception in 2001, and its songs have been downloaded over 1 billion times.

Kidz Bop has covered a wide range of rock songs over the years, including classics like “Let It Rock” by AC/DC and “We Will Rock You” by Queen, as well as more recent hits like “Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO and “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift.

Kidz Bop songs are popular with kids of all ages, and they are often used in schools, camps, and other youth settings. The songs are also popular for family sing-alongs and karaoke parties.

In addition to its music albums, Kidz Bop also produces a variety of other content, including music videos, concert tours, and merchandise. Kidz Bop is a fun and safe way for kids to enjoy popular music. The brand’s covers are always well-done, and the lyrics are always appropriate for all ages. Kidz Bop is a great way for kids to learn about new music and to sing along to their favorite songs.” (Google Bard)

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