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3088 / Full Album [Darksynth\Industrial\Synthwave\Techno\Rock]

3088 / Full Album [DarksynthIndustrialSynthwaveTechnoRock]

This album, previously known as “Cyberstyle 2088” from June 8th, 2019, is basically an overhaul of that EP. Cyberstyle 2088 has been upgraded from 4 tracks to now 26 tracks in total. It features 12 new tracks never heard before, and quite a few of them were tracks that were sitting in the dark on my computer either starting as unfinished ideas, or they were tracks I just didn’t care about for whatever reason.

The other tracks are instrumental versions of stuff I sang to in the past, another being an original version of a track from the “Obscurity” album, 2 songs that were originally created based on Mortal Kombat but I went back and changed them up a bit to make them suitable for an album release, and 2 other tracks that were on my YouTube at one point but I never made either one of them a part of any album, of course until now.

There are other tracks I have completed that I totally forgot about in all honesty (they are not part of “3088”), and when I revisited them I was amazed at how I had forgotten about them. Most likely these forgotten (or abandoned) tracks were probably intended for one of my albums in the past but they never saw the light of day because I was basically just brainstorming music ideas.

So I would essentially work on some music and mess around to see what I come up with, I could be half way through a track and then just say screw it because I just wasn’t feeling it at that point in time. The other issue might be that I make a track and “almost” complete it, save it as a rough draft, but then make an alternate version of that track and then end up using the alternate version lol.

This is actually the case on 3088 for the track “Violet Lights”, an abandoned track which was the original “Beauty in the Darkness” before it became what it is today (they sound absolutely nothing alike lol). So the original one gets left behind and ultimately lost in the shuffle somewhere with the other homeless tracks camping in a tent on my computer somewhere.

Long story short, I decided to change that with 3088.

Additional note to Bandcamp users incase anybody asks:
No Cyberstyle 2088 was not deleted, it’s still there, it’s just now evolved into 3088. This should mean if you bought or downloaded it in the past then you should be able to just redownload it with whatever account you used to get it in the past, to my knowledge that is how Bandcamp have always worked unless they changed it. The old album art from 2019 I drew myself is also included incase anybody liked it.

I hope you all enjoy the music 🙂

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1 – 3088 — 00:00
2 – Flatline — 03:43
3 – Acid Vampires — 07:52
4 – What B1TCH — 12:47
5 – Haunting Chimera — 16:56
6 – Shadow of Pegasus — 20:12
7 – Shades of Black — 25:05
8 – Nightwave 101 — 30:24
9 – Nightwave 101 (Remix) — 37:02
10 – Visions of Dystopia — 43:41
11 – Light of Deception (Instrumental Version) — 48:11
12 – Obscurity (Instrumental Version) — 53:39
14 – ѲмinosΔ — 1:03:33
15 – Rain-Heart II — 1:08:15
16 – Phantom Universe — 1:11:35
17 – Tears of the Cosmos — 1:14:59
18 – Coastline ’85 — 1:21:03
19 – Violet Lights — 1:24:39
20 – It’s Not What It Seems — 1:28:14
21 – Kombat Genesis — 1:31:00
22 – Kombat Genesis II — 1:34:40
23 – Midnight Cipher Groove — 1:38:42
24 – Black Infinity (DnB Version) — 1:42:44
25 – Giger Effect (Instrumental Version) — 1:47:12
26 – God Complex (Instrumental Version) — 1:53:04

© All music created by The Enigma TNG

Feel free to use my music in a non-commercial video, stream, or other project if you desire. YouTube videos (or other platforms) are okay, use whatever song you wish. Be sure to credit me.

If you want to use my music in a commercial project, you will need a license. You can obtain one through CD Baby Licensing at the link below. Just type in “The Enigma TNG” in the search bar. If you don’t see a specific song, try my artist name again but with lowercase “ng” in the TNG of my name. They have me split up in 2 pages for some reason.

I do not take commissions.

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