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Afternoon Jazz | Trumpet and Piano | Lounge Music

Afternoon Jazz | Trumpet and Piano | Lounge Music

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Immerse yourself in the smooth and sophisticated sounds of Afternoon Jazz, a carefully curated collection that sets the perfect backdrop for a relaxing afternoon. This playlist features a seamless blend of the warm, soulful tones of the trumpet with the elegant, expressive melodies of the piano, creating an atmosphere of refined relaxation and understated luxury.

From the gentle sway of classic jazz standards to the nuanced interplay of contemporary compositions, ‘Afternoon Jazz’ invites you to unwind and indulge in the timeless beauty of jazz music. Whether you’re enjoying a leisurely lunch, seeking inspiration, or simply savoring a moment of peace, this collection provides the ideal soundtrack for savoring the simpler pleasures of life.

Let the velvety sounds of the trumpet and the sophisticated harmonies of the piano transport you to a world where every note tells a story and every melody invites you to dream. ‘Afternoon Jazz’ is more than just background music; it’s an invitation to embrace the art of relaxation and the joy of music.

[00:00] Billie’s Hat – Schulz Hoffmann
[04:11] Dance of the Dawn – Bernard Bonnet & Otis Roman
[08:19] Rose for My Baby – Watson Thorington
[12:08] Mind & Heart – Waldo Schmidt
[16:09] Say My Name – Bruno Ricci & Otis Roman
[20:20] Slow Morning – Van Olson
[24:45] In the Air Tonight – Ted Gare & Murray Moore
[29:00] Dark Night – Sebastian Stanton
[33:03] Stranger – Waage Petersen
[36:42] Dream On – Bruno Ricci & Otis Roman
[40:46] Mood Of Pleasure – Zane Goodman
[44:52] Golden Hour – Stuart Fischer
[48:53] In Your Arms – Sullivan Murphy & Durand Dubois
[52:59 Surrounding Love – Hansen Thorarensen
[57:14] Old Friend – Mason Woods
[1:00:50] Candlelit Whispers – Bernard Bonnet & Otis Roman
[1:04:45] My Brother – Dixie Wayne
[1:08:13] I Remember Everything – Zoltan Swanson & Beatrix Bea
[1:11:56] Not My Fault – Briem Bergmann & Dixie Wayne
[1:15:46] Never Lose Me – Stuart Fischer & Wagner Becker

Schulz Hoffmann ▷ https://fanlink.to/Schulz_Hoffmann
Bernard Bonnet ▷ https://fanlink.to/Bernard_Bonnet
Otis Roman ▷ https://fanlink.to/Otis_Roman
Watson Thorington ▷ https://fanlink.to/Watson_Thorington
Waldo Schmidt ▷ https://fanlink.to/Waldo_Schmidt
Bruno Ricci ▷ https://fanlink.to/Bruno_Ricci
Van Olson ▷ https://fanlink.to/Van_Olson
Ted Gare ▷ https://fanlink.to/Ted_Gare
Murray Moore ▷ https://fanlink.to/Murray_Moore
Sebastian Stanton ▷ https://fanlink.to/Sebastian_Stanton
Waage Petersen ▷ https://fanlink.to/Waage_Petersen
Zane Goodman ▷ https://fanlink.to/Zane_Goodman
Stuart Fischer ▷ https://fanlink.to/Stuart_Fischer
Sullivan Murphy ▷ https://fanlink.to/Sullivan_Murphy
Durand Dubois ▷ https://fanlink.to/Durand_Dubois
Hansen Thorarensen ▷ https://fanlink.to/Hansen_Thorarensen
Mason Woods ▷ https://fanlink.to/Mason_Woods
Beatrix Bea ▷ https://fanlink.to/Beatrix_Bea
Briem Bergmann ▷ https://fanlink.to/Briem_Bergmann
Dixie Wayne ▷ https://fanlink.to/Dixie_Wayne
Zoltan Swanson ▷ https://fanlink.to/Zoltan_Swanson
Beatrix Bea ▷ https://fanlink.to/Beatrix_Bea
Wagner Becker ▷ https://fanlink.to/Wagner_Becker

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