CHILL OUT LOUNGE Music | 001 | Lounge Bar Deep House Chill Music Mix #chill #lounge #relaxingmusic

The Chill Out Lounge Music Mix !
Enjoy this Chill Out Lounge Music and Deep House mixed by JAYLYZ DJ !
For Home, Club, Car, Bar, Lounge, Restaurant and Entertainment !

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I don’t own the copyright of most of the songs featured in these videos.
The purpose of these videos is to share my passion and promote the songs I enjoy the most.
If you own the copyright of a song featured in this video and you don’t want to be part of it, send an email to and we will sort it out as soon as possible. Thank you in advance !


Tracklist :

01 – Nettson, Alpheea – Crazy Over You
02 – Augan – August
03 – Guts feat. Tanya Morgan – All or Nothing
04 – Lonely Night – Horizon
05 – Wayne Snow, Darius – Night Birds
06 – Santi & Tugce – Askibi
07 – The Origame – Bop
08 – Broken Back – Write
09 – Moderator – Funk for Food
10 – Poldoore – But I Do


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