CYBER ROCK – SAMURAI GIRL MILA(Industrial Metal/Electric Rock/Aggressive Rock Mix)

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SAMURAI GIRL – Industrial Metal / Aggressive / Electric Rock / Cyberrock Mix (Study, Work & Gaming)

Hi, Here we go guys!
SAMURAI GIRL’s video is brought to you from grd.Tokyo in the year 2077????
I hope you enjoy it as a fictional soundtrack of future illustrations and music, SAMURAI GIRL⚔

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0:00 OP
0:04 Edge Of Eden – Rave The Reqviem
3:42 In Reverse – Stain the Canvas
6:48 Judgment – Beyond Veils,SYK
10:10 ヌHANGES – Viva Vendetta
14:00 Taste of You – Emily Coffey
16:40 Fatti Di Rumore – Jack Out,ROS,Dafresito
19:34 Hellframes – GAME OVER
27:07 Left for Dead – Shadow Cliq
30:31 You Broke Me – RudyWade,Marin Hoxha
33:12 Bloodhunt – Breathing Below
36:45 Awake – Jacob Lizotte
41:07 Countdown – Instrumental – Nitroverts
45:29 As It Was – GHOSTAGE
49:27 Fucking Perfect – Xordia
51:56 Solar – Shadow Work

Mixed by MASAKEY

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???? Model image by R5 Revolution

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