[Dance Floor Heat] official music video – 과몰입(Gwamorip)

????Dance Floor Heat: The Ultimate Latin Moombahton Experience! ????
Feel the rhythm take control
Bass bumpin’, make you lose control (lose control)
Move your body to the fiery beat
Moombahton got you jumpin’ on your feet (ooh-yeah)

On the dance floor, feel the heat
Everybody’s movin’ to the moombahton beat (mo-beat)
No time to rest, just keep it groovin’
Let the music take you higher, feel the fusion (ooh-yeah)

In the club, the vibes are flowing,
Lights are flickering, excitement’s growing.
Rhythm’s calling, no holding back,
Moombahton’s groove, right on track (yeah-yeah)

“La fiesta no termina”
“La fiesta no termina”
In the rhythm, our spirit ascends.
Feel the energy, let it ignite,
Dancing together, through the night.

On the dance floor, feel the blaze,
Every move syncs with the moombahton craze (mo-craze),
Keep the rhythm, don’t stop moving,
In the music’s spell, we’re improving (yeah-yeah)

En este instante, nada más importa,
Olvida tus penas, que el ritmo te soporta.
“Juntos en el compás, nuestra unión resalta,
Corazones en sinfonía, en esta balada.

Sentir la vida, dejar atrás el dolor,
Con cada golpe del tambor, renace el amor. Un paso adelante, otro hacia atrás, En esta danza, nuestra alma encontrará paz.
El ritmo nos guía, nos lleva a volar,
En cada nota, una historia que contar.
“Unidos en el ritmo,” nuestro grito sin edad,
Nuestros corazones latiendo en esta ciudad.

On the dance floor, where dreams are made,
With every beat, our worries fade (fade away),
Lost in rhythm, feel alive,
In this beat, we thrive (ah-yeah)

“Dance till dawn, under the moonlight,
In this rhythm, everything’s right.
Feel the beat, as it whispers your name,
Moombahton’s calling, igniting the flame.

As the night slowly turns to day,
The music’s echo will not fade away.
“Con cada paso, renacemos”
“Con cada paso, renacemos”
Moombahton’s rhythm, in our hearts, is worn.

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