[FREE] hyperpop x moombahton x glitchcore type beat | "copter"

The beat is free for NON-PROFIT use only. You always have to credit (prod. filkie) in the title.
For profit use, purchase the lease here ????
????Purchase/Untagged/Download: https://bsta.rs/5b6b2e242
Buy 2 get 1 free
Use coupon code “FILKIEHYPER” for 15% off on leases
Do not use Content ID on the track if you do not have exclusive rights to this beat.
BPM: 150
Key: D# minor

If you have any questions:
Instagram: @filkiebeats

0:00 Intro
0:12 Pre-Hook
0:25 Hook
0:50 Break
1:03 Pre-Hook
1:16 Hook
1:41 Hook 2
2:07 Outro

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[FREE] hyperpop x moombahton x glitchcore type beat | “copter”
#hyperpoptypebeat #glitchcore #hyperpop

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