fun songs to jam to on a sunny day ☀️ // indie-rock, pop playlist

hi ????
i know, i know… not me actually uploading playlists every week. what has happened to me? couldn’t tell ya haha. i just felt like uploading a bit more to help me keep my mind off of things. no promises i’ll be able to keep it up tho. i also started drawing again, the background picture here for example or the oranges in the “oldies” playlist. the pictures are not that great by any means, i’ll probably hate them in like a month, even now i can see a lot of mistakes or stuff i could’ve done differently.

anyways.. how have all of you been? what have you been up to? quite recently i went to therapy for the first time and you know what i found out? that i have an adhd… shocker.. it’s quite funny how when i read your comments under the “speedrunning playlists” you mention quite often that they help you with your adhd.. well now i know why.
at the of the therapy session the psychologist told me something that i can’t stop thinking about. she said that she can see that i’m really really trying… a simple sentence but it meant so much to me. i never heard it from anyone. it felt so relieving to have my feelings validated you know. to know that i’m not just stupid, lazy, unorganized and unmotivated person. It took me so long to finally go to therapy because i guess, mental health is a tricky topic, especially when talking to my parents, they don’t get it. i tried to explain to them how i’ve been feeling, that i feel like something is not right with me. but i kept hearing over and over again, especially from my mum, that “everybody has those days sometimes, i feel like that from time to time, but you just have to keep working etc..”… and i mean yeah, i get it. the problem is that i have those days every day. it is the same as any other physical “conditions” (?). Like if you have from time to time high blood pressure, or a headache it isn’t that big of a deal. but if you have a headache every day, then it surely is a problem. it is the same with mental health. everybody has days when they are anxious, a bit sad and unmotivated, restless, unfocused… but when you feel like this everyday and when it prevents you from functioning like a normal person then it surely is a problem that needs to be resolved. i guess what i’m trying to say is, if YOU feel like there is something not quite right with you, mental of physical, go get yourself checked out (if you have the means to). don’t wait for opinions from your family or friends. you know yourself the best.
i’m sorry for ranting haha… sometimes i treat video descriptions like a diary entry, which not many people read anyways. (i might delete this rant altogether) i just.. i guess i want it to feel like there is a real person behind these playlists, to share my experiences and make you feel less alone in case you are going through something similar. and um idk, also to to let you know that this is a safe space where you can rant about anything without being judged. ♥

well, anyways i hope you’ll enjoy this playlist and that it can brighten up your day a bit.
take care of yourself my friend
with love
N. ♥

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