Groovy Jazz Lounge Mix Vol. 2 – Energizing Melodies for Your Soul

Dive into ‘Groovy Jazz Lounge Mix Vol. 2’, where the vibrant world of Jazz Lounge meets the cool, rhythmic pulse of lofi hip-hop. This volume continues the journey with fresh, invigorating beats and uplifting melodies, perfect for fueling your day with positivity and zest.

???? About This Mix:
A curated blend of modern Jazz Lounge elements with the smooth, laid-back vibes of lofi hip-hop.
An excellent choice for lifting spirits, inspiring creativity, or adding a touch of sophistication to any event.
Every track is a gem, handpicked to maintain a flow of energy and inspiration.
Discover the harmony between lively jazz rhythms and relaxing lofi textures in this exciting compilation.

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♬ Credits:
00:00:00 Raz Burg – Carlos Dream
00:03:15 Steven Beddall – Beautiful Dream – Instrumental Version
00:05:41 Randy Sharp – Don’t Bug Me
00:09:17 Aves – Riverside – Instrumental Version
00:12:29 Aves – Winter Magic
00:15:41 Magiksolo – Itabashi
00:18:46 Sergey Azbel – Athena – Instrumental Version
00:20:45 Flint – Peach Jam – Instrumental Version
00:22:55 92elm – Opal
00:25:19 Elliott Green – Velvet
00:28:34 Magiksolo – Minato
00:31:04 Machael Drake – Solstice
00:34:22 Steven Beddall – Ice Cream Social
00:36:27 WOOLFSON – Learning
00:38:37 Phury – Fifth Avenue
00:41:00 Novembers – Last Train Home
00:43:23 Amit Sagie – Chapter in Life
00:45:26 Benno – Cookie
00:47:26 Aves – Sparkling Water
00:49:49 Evgeny Bardyuzha – The Observer
00:52:02 Lalinea – Roasted
00:54:17 WOOLFSON – Sunny Days
00:56:27 MILANO – Café de Paris
00:58:33 Flint – Peach Jam
All music tracks are licensed.

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‘Groovy Jazz Lounge Mix Vol. 2’ is your gateway to a world where jazz’s energy and lofi’s calm coexist in perfect harmony. Let this mix be your companion for moments of pure enjoyment and creative inspiration.

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