Is it the greatest ROCK bass line in UK History? Mr Brightside

As the longest-charting song of all time in the UK, The Killers’ Mr Brightside still sends dancefloors into air-punching frenzies. But does it have one of the greatest bass lines EVER?

In today’s NEW video, you’ll learn what made Mark Stoermer’s bass line so impactful. Plus, you’ll get a free PDF workbook complete with easy-to-follow tab of this inescapable rock anthem.

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Video Breakdown:

00:00 – Introduction and Background
00:56 – Dissonance in the Bass Line
03:16 – First Melody: The Bass
03:38 – Impact of the Bass Line
04:05 – Fixing the Demo
05:16 – Playing Technique
05:30 – Different Approaches in the Verse
06:33 – Building Tension in the Chorus
07:05 – Chord Progression
08:21 – Raw Performance and Emotional Impact
08:50 – Summary


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