Josie Gets Naked & n0isemakeR – Swiftly Golightly VIP [Moombahton Tech Breaks HipHop]

Josie Gets Naked & n0isemakeR – Dissemble EP

After their debut solo release “Sqwizzle EP” on PHDM, Josie Gets Naked returns with a collaborative exploration of tech, house and moombahton with fellow PHDM alumni, n0isemakeR bringing her well established melodic sensibilities. Deviating from her normal Drum and Bass paced rhythms into a different area of exploration.

Title track “Dissemble” kicks things off with a ridiculously catchy upbeat number that will get stuck in your head for days afterwards. Pianos, neuro-infused base and hyperpop vocals make this one an absolute ear worm and the animated music video is sure to entertain alongside.

Following up with “Swiftly Golightly” it takes on a more sexually charged exploration of themes of desire and longing. Carried along by pounding 808s, darting synths, middle eastern vocals and trap influenced sharp beats. This catchy number fits a primetime dancefloor.

“Mercado” delves into more tech progressive percussive rhythms taking breaks, techno and dub influences, smashing them together into something that would suit a late summer evening beach set to keep things rolling into the evening.

“Casualty of a Rain City Riot” explores more melodic house vibes and is a new vibe for Josie Gets Naked. Lush pads, tribal soundscapes and catchy vocals bring an early morning feel to this one.

“Noctivagant” the longest song on the release is a progressive tech house number that takes influence from moombahton and kuduro while adding in the grinding neuro and lush soundscapes that n0isemakeR is well known for.

Rounding out the release is a vocal VIP of Swiftly Golightly that brings another level of energy and switches up the vibe to a more aggressive club anthem.

Listen, love and enjoy x

Artist: Josie Gets Naked & n0isemakeR
Release Date: 14-11-23
Label: Pure Heart Dirty Mind Records
Catalog: PHDMXX14


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