Late Night Jazz Lounge ???? Relaxing Jazz Bar Piano Music for Work, Relax, Study with Fireplace Sounds

Immerse yourself in the cozy embrace of a late-night jazz lounge.???? As the soft glow of the fireplace dances across the room, our 3-hour instrumental jazz collection will guide your work, relaxation, or studies, creating a seamless soundtrack for your evening. Discover the quiet joy of ‘Everyday Music’ with every note. ????????

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☕ About Cafe Music BGM channel
We are making cafe music for relaxation, for work, for study, etc.
All music in this video & on this channel is original music by BGMC.
We are playing all the songs.

???? The band is produced by Cafe Music BGM channel

???? Lo-Fi Brand by BGMC
Journey through the lo-fi forest

???? Artists by BGMC
[Jazz & Bossa Nova]
→ Café titi:
→ Cate Takahashi:
→ Anya Smith:
→ New York Trio:
→ Chelsea’s Swing:
→ Singapore Jazz Quartet:
[Lofi Beats]
→ DisHand:
→ tillDawn:
[Relaxation Music]
→ Unkai:
→ Mika Alex:

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