Listen to Anthony J, El Poppy & Rasnan – Loca

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Attention, fam! “Loca” has officially dropped! Brace yourself for the most explosive latin urban collab you’ve ever heard! Anthony J, El Poppy, and Rasnan have unleashed their electrifying powers in this sizzling track that’s gonna set the streets on fire!

“Loca” is the anthem you’ve been craving, blending the raw energy, unmatched flows, and fierce styles of these three trailblazing artists. Anthony J’s silky-smooth vocals, El Poppy’s magnetic presence, and Rasnan’s lyrical prowess will leave you in awe from the very first beat!

But that’s not all! The official music video, brought to life by LOMI CREATIVE STUDIOS, is a visual feast that takes the song to the next level!

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“Loca” isn’t just a song, it’s an experience that’ll make you lose control. From the block parties to the club scene, this track is the fuel to your wildest nights, the soundtrack to your unfiltered expression of latin hotness.

So, crank up the volume, gather your crew, and let “Loca” ignite the urban fire within you! Join the movement, embrace the urban madness, and let this anthem take you on a wild ride!

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