Oliver Tree – With You [Music Video]

Oliver Tree – With You [Music Video]
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Written & Directed by Oliver Tree
Director, Writer & Executive Producer: Oliver Nickell
Production Company: MrMr Films & Alien Boy Films – https://instagram.com/alienboyfilms
Producer: Martha McGuirk
Executive Producer: Wes Teshome
DOP: Luis “Panch” Perez
VFX Super + Lead Compositor: Zdravko “Zee” Stoitchkov – https://instagram.com/wuziks
VFX: Mikey Smith
2nd Cam Unit Director: Zdravko “Zee” Stoitchkov
Production Manager: Rosie Brear
ABF Production: Paul Donatelli
Editor: Stefan Rokvić
Colourist: Adam Clarke
Label: Atlantic Records
Video Ops: Lily Thrall
Storyboards by Orpheus Collar
Animatic Filmer: John Rizkallah
Management: https://www.instagram.com/goodluckhavefun

Serbian Production Company: Tuna+Icon
EP: Ivana Antic
Producer: Ramona Plazinić
Producer: Luka Mrvoš
1st AD Ljubomir Božović
PM Aleksandra Babić
Location Manager: Tanasije Raković
Unit Manager: Oliver Rnjak
Casting Coordinator: Igor Milakov
2nd AD Kosta Ilić
Extras Cord: Marija Vanilla
CAST PA: Balša Leković
PA: Jana Milijković
Key Grip: Marko Leković
Gaffer: Nedeljko Maletić
1st AC A Cam: Nikola Jovanovic Endi
2nd AC A Cam: Andrei Panov
SFX Zamal M’Barek
Production Desiber: Damjan Paranosić
Hair Stylist: Tina Subić
Makeup: Lena Dodočić
Styling: Ivana Vasić E
Rigging Crew: Milan Alavanja
Stunt Supervisor: Slavisa Ivanovic
Stunt Coordinator: Marko Joksimovic
Stunt Team: Stevan Stojiljkovic
Secret Agent 1: Dalibor Kostic
Secret Agent 2: Ivan Djordjevic
Playback: Dejan Ceko
DIT Ivan Tanasković
Photographer: Branko Starčević
Pict Cord: Vukašin Mrdan

Transport: Miodrag Jovičić
Medic: Sirius Med.Djordje Milicevic
Generator: Miloš Ivković
Catering: Jerry Team

I’m riding with you

Baby I made up my mind
While I was staring in your eyes
Losing track of the time
Let’s make it last forever
Darling I wanna run away together

So where are we going tonight now baby?
Where am I going tonight now baby

With you
I’m riding with you
With you
I’m riding with you

Baby we know this is it
Both of us have been searching our whole life for this shit
We’ve got no time to waste
Darling can we please get out of this place?

So where are we going tonight now baby?
Where am I going tonight now baby

With you
I’m riding with you
With you
I’m riding with you

It seems like we both been waiting
I’ve got no more time for wasting
I’ve been searching my whole life baby
It’s true, I wanna be

With you
I’m riding with you
With you
I’m riding with you

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