Smooth Jazzy Deep House Mix | Lounge Beats 2024 Vol. 9

Rhythm Republic Lounge Beats 2024 Vol. 9

We first debuted Lounge Beats two years ago, and many of you liked it so much and have been asking us to bring it back! We heard you loud and clear. We are coming at you with a brand-new selection of the best-curated beats straight from the vault. For this new series, we hand-selected classic tracks that have stood the test of time, some real banging hidden gems that are sure to impress, and hot new beats that will keep you warm all winter. In this series, we drew inspiration from all the sophisticated bars, lounges, and upscale hotels that flex a luxurious vibe that often plays this style of music softly in the background. Deep House is at the core of every series, and this one is no different. Lounge Beats, however, blends more smooth and jazzy elements, creating a more laid-back, sophisticated ambiance in every track you hear. So chill out, relax, and enjoy what we cooked up for you over the holidays. 

00:00:00 1. Vincenzo & Rasoul – Afterthoughts
00:05:42 2. Felipe Gordon – Flutes of Gold
00:11:23 3. JT Donaldson, Fred Everything – Read My Mind (Vocal Mix)
00:17:01 4. Miguel Migs – Follow Through feat. Luqman Frank
00:21:01 5. Tojami Sessions – Wheel of Fortune
00:27:48 6. HNNY – For The Very First Time
00:33:41 7. Viktor Birgiss – With You feat. Sandra Barilli
00:40:00 8. Chris Stussy – Be Real feat. Marck Jamz (Edmund Remix)
00:45:42 9. Bas Roos – Lazy Chords (Original Mix)
00:49:54 10. Jus Tadi – Lift Me Up (Tete de la Course Remix)
00:54:41 11. Berlioz – Miro (Extended Cut)
00:58:12 12. Sxlm Sol – Molecular

Curated, compiled, and mixed by: Jonathan Camargo

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