SOUND LIGHT SYSTEM – Jungle Rain (Patreon VERSION) – Ambien Jazz / Lounge Breaks / Chillout / Slowed


SOUND LIGHT SYSTEM (aka. 音 LIGHT システム) is out with a new full-length release called Jungle Rain!

This release takes inspiration from real life military conflicts and infuses it with elements of funk, jazz, classic rock and hip hop. Hope you like it!

M455 Soundcloud:

Saphron Squares has been making music for over 10 years, creating several different projects like 音 LIGHT システム (now SOUND LIGHT SYSTEM), M455, Mist Crown and UNICODE SKULL, among others, releasing vaporwave, vaportrap, chillwave, hypnagogic pop, ambient, dubstep, retrowave, dark drum and bass, dungeon synth, breakcore and other experimental, lo-fi, weird music. I always provide my projects for free, but due to recent circumstances I’ve started a patreon, and will be releasing new projects as Patreon Exclusives. Please consider supporting me and checking out my releases on ! Thank you so much for any support!

“It was hard to remember a time when his whole personality and character had been intact, a time before the cruelty and the destruction of war had warped his soul. A time when he had been deeply in love, passionate, aching with desire, hilariously frivolous and light-hearted, or quickly depressed by love and suffering. Or blushing in embarrassment. When he, too, was worthy of being a lover and in love…”

“But war was a world with no home, no roof, no comforts. A miserable journey, of endless drifting. War was a world without real men, without real women, without feeling.”

“Often in the middle of a busy street, in broad daylight, I’ve
suddenly become lost in a daydream. On smelling the stink of rotten meat I’ve suddenly imagined I was back crossing Hamburger Hill in 1972, walking over strewn corpses. The stench of death is often so overpowering I have to stop in the middle of the pavement, holding my nose, while startled, suspicious people step around me, avoiding my mad stare.”

– Bảo Ninh (The Sorrow of War: A Novel)


00:00:00 Namaste
00:08:46 Shadows
00:15:10 Shining Path
00:23:40 FUBAR
00:27:18 Jungle Rain
00:34:53 Fog
00:42:28 Outpost
00:50:05 Not U.S.
00:54:07 Coming Home
00:57:42 Scorched

Chatgpt noise:
Immerse yourself in the rhythmic ambiance of “Jungle Rain” by SOUND LIGHT SYSTEM, a captivating barber beats style lo-fi hip-hop record. ????✂️ Let the soothing melodies and chill-hop vibes transport you to a world where the scissors and beats harmonize in perfect rhythm.

????️ Experience the urban jungle through the lens of sound with this unique lo-fi creation. “Jungle Rain” offers laid-back rhythms, groovy tunes, and retro chill vibes, creating the ideal backdrop for a relaxed barbering experience.

Explore the fusion of vintage and modern sounds, as the album captures the essence of barber shop grooves with its smooth sounds and calming instrumentals. The urban soundscape comes alive with jazzy lo-fi elements, creating a serene atmosphere for those seeking a break from the hustle and bustle.

????️ Dive into the heart of the barber chair melodies and feel the vibe of “Jungle Rain.” The album is a masterpiece of hipster grooves, blending soulful beats and ambient grooves seamlessly. Let the music transport you to a place where every cut is an artistry and every note is a rhythmic sensation.

????️ “Jungle Rain” is more than just a beat tape; it’s a journey into the world of urban chill and rainy day beats. Immerse yourself in the vintage vibes and let the gentle rhythms wash away the stress, creating a no-stress zone where you can enjoy the ultimate chill-hop experience.

???? With a soulful touch and cityscape sounds, this album offers a tranquil escape, making it the perfect soundtrack for a laid-back barber session. Let the rain and rhythms serenade your senses, creating a cosmic connection between music and haircut harmony.

???? Whether you’re in the mood for slick cuts, mellow grooves, or the blissful ambiance of a rainy city, “Jungle Rain” has it all. Explore the sonic relaxation of a barber crafted beats experience, where every note is a brushstroke, and every rhythm is a masterpiece.

???? Join us on this soulful journey through the vintage barber shop, where the ambiance is cool, the beats are slick, and the cuts are rhythmic. “Jungle Rain” is not just music; it’s an art form, a sonic masterpiece that elevates the barbering.

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