Southern Rock Backing Track in E | 80 BPM | E D A E | Guitar Backing Track

Backing Track Southern Rock in E (Mixolydian) for guitar or any other instrument (80 BPM). You can use the E Minor Pentatonic Scale, E Major Pentatonic Scale or the E Mixolydian Scale to improvise over this track.
► Note:
– The E Mixolydian Scale has the same notes as the A Major Scale / F# Minor Scale.
– The E Minor Pentatonic Scale has the same notes as the E Mixolydian Scale, except for the note G (b3). The E Mixolydian scale includes the note G# (3), so you can always bend the note G towards G#.
– If you use the E Major Pentatonic Scale, try to include the minor third (b3) now and then to add some spice 😉
► With this backing track you can practice chords, triads, scales, pentatonics, arpeggios, solos and improvisations.

► Chord Progression (E Mixolydian):
E | D | A | E
1 | b7 | 4 | 1

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Have fun!
Copyright 2023 by Tim Thurau. All rights reserved.

0:00 Verse
0:48 Chorus
1:36 Verse
2:24 Chorus
3:12 Verse
4:00 Chorus
4:48 Verse
5:35 Chorus
6:23 Verse
7:12 Chorus
8:00 Outro

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