Valentine's Day Special – Acoustic Lounge Romance

Subscribe ❤️ PMB Music Indulge in romance with “Valentine’s Day Special – Acoustic Lounge Romance” ????. Elevate your celebration with intimate love songs, perfect for cozy evenings or surprising that special someone. Let the acoustic serenade make your Valentine’s Day truly unforgettable. ????????

Urselle – Hey Ya!
Nikki Ocean – Never Let Me Down Again (The Last of Us Mix)
Jamie Lancaster – Endless Love
Fabio Cadore – I Love It
Dual Sessions – Beautiful Life
Anakelly – Everybody’s Changing (Acoustic Version)
Urselle – The Safety Dance
STEREO DUB – Ocean Eyes
Anakelly – Trouble
Sarah Menescal – Oh L’amour
Sd Project – Jumpin’ Jack Flash
Sarah Menescal – Over My Shoulder (Acoustic Version)
Amazonics – Hello (Acoustic)
Urban Love – Wake Me Up
Krister & Dalbani – Drivers License
Eternal Trip – The Joker
Sarah Menescal – Angels (Acoustic Version)
Dinah York – No One Can
Sao Vicente – Everglow
Lizette – Heroes
Dinah Eastwood – Afterglow
Michelle Simonal – Baby, I Love Your Way (Acoustic Version)
Lizette – Missing You
James Farrelli – Walking on the Moon
Dinah Eastwood – Your Love
Zed – Crosses
Lila Liu – Rent
Eve St. Jones – Let Her Go
Celso Mendes – Broken Land
STEREO DUB – Safe and Sound
Marvin – Can’t Get You Out of My Head
Lila Liu – Need U (100%)
Nikki Ocean – Californication
Sarah Menescal – Here Comes the Sun (Acoustic Version)
James Farrelli – One of These Nights
Orleya – Lovesong
Dinah Eastwood – Back in Black
James Farrelli – The Most Beautiful Girl in the World
Mo’Nique – Take It to the Limit
Eve St. Jones – Dreams (Acoustic Mix)
Natty Bong – No Diggity
Sarah Menescal – Don’t Speak
Dinah Eastwood – Here I Go Again
Sarah Menescal – Company (Acoustic Version)
Beluga’s Trio – It Ain’t over Til’ It’s Over
Sarah Menescal – Time After Time (Acoustic Version)
Groove Da Praia – Speed of Sound (Groove Da Praia Bossa Mix)
Nikki Ocean – God Put a Smile Upon Your Face
Jamie Lancaster – Boys Don’t Cry
Groovy Waters – Jamming
Natty Bong – Circles (Acoustic Version)
Sarah Menescal – Cryin’ (Acoustic Version)
Scubba – Beat It (Bossa & Acoustic Mix)
Apollinare Rossi – Every Little Thing She Does is Magic
Dalbani – Sunday Morning (Acoustic Mix)
STEREO DUB – Who Can It Be Now_
Dinah Eastwood – The Passenger
Karen Souza – Everybody Hurts
Sarah Menescal – Caravan of Love
Groove Da Praia – Anybody Seen My Baby (Acoustic Version)
Style Project – Good for You
Lila Frascara – Glory Box
Style Project – Brothers in Arms
Banda Do Sul – Big in Japan (Acoustic Mix)
Dual Sessions – Radioactive
STEREO DUB – High on You
Francoise Sanders – Hold on, We’re Going Home
Eve St. Jones – Please Don’t Go
Urban Love – Rolling in the Deep
James Farrelli – Africa
Michelle Simonal – I Just Wanna Stop
Sarah Menescal – Love Hurts (Acoustic Version)
Urban Aires – Fragile
Karen Souza – Everything’s Not Lost
Jingo – I’ll Be There for You (Flamenco Mix)
Jamie Lancaster – I Finally Found Someone
Roger Beck – Easy on Me
Sarah Menescal – Stand by Me (Acoustic Version)
Nikki Ocean – Fast Car
Freedom Dub – Somebody That I Used to Know
SOUND BEHAVIOUR – Cutting Shapes
Klub Rider – Attention (Acoustic Version)
Anakelly – Why Does It Always Rain on Me_
Karen Souza – Never Gonna Give You Up
James Farrelli – Jack & Diane
James Farrelli – Eye in the Sky
Lizette – Original Sin
Michelle Simonal – I Just Wanna Stop
Bellestar – Without You
Klub Rider – Your Love Alone is Not Enough
48th St. Collective – Love is in the Air
48th St. Collective – Say Say Say (Acoustic Mix)
James Farrelli – What Goes Around… Comes Around
Roger Beck – Lovesong
Anakelly – The River
Nikki Ocean – Perfect Strangers
Urban Aires – Can You Feel the Love Tonight
Brazil XXI – Sacrifice

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