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Step into the timeless elegance of Vintage Cafe Jazz, a curated collection that transports you to a bygone era of sophistication and style. This exquisite playlist weaves together the classic sounds of retro piano jazz with the relaxed ambiance of a vintage cafe, offering a perfect backdrop for unwinding, studying, or enjoying a leisurely coffee.
Each track has been carefully selected to encapsulate the charm of old-world lounges and speakeasies, blending smooth melodies, intricate piano harmonies, and the soft brush of cymbals to create an atmosphere of calm and inspiration.

From the first note to the last, ‘Vintage Cafe Jazz’ invites you to savor the rich textures and soothing rhythms of classic jazz. Whether you’re seeking an escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life or simply in the mood for music that soothes the soul and sparks the imagination, this collection promises a journey through the golden age of jazz. Let the timeless tunes and serene settings inspire your day and transport you to a world where music is both an art and an experience.

[00:00] Everything for You – Peter Edson & Jeff Gus
[03:56] Love Alley – The Grey Gentleman & Ike Rouse
[07:50] Just Give Me a Reason – Jeff Gus & Peter Edson
[11:58] Glass of Wine – Peter Edson & Jeff Gus
[15:55] First Date – Jeff Gus & The Grey Gentleman
[19:57] Can’t Get Enough – Liam Makoto & The Grey Gentleman
[24:01] Memories of Florence – Oliver Berkeley & Liam Makoto
[27:59] Morning Garden – The Grey Gentleman & Ike Rouse
[32:06] I’m Good – The Grey Gentleman & Peter Edson
[36:07] Sweet Dreams – Peter Edson & Jeff Gus
[40:14] Sunset in Verona – Oliver Berkeley & Liam Makoto
[44:28] My Daydream – Oliver Berkeley & Liam Makoto
[48:35] Our Song – Jeff Gus & The Grey Gentleman
[52:41] You with Me – The Grey Gentleman & Ike Rouse
[56:31] Our Date Night – Peter Edson & Ike Rouse
[1:00:23] New York City – Jeff Gus & The Grey Gentleman
[1:04:24] My Little Secret – Peter Edson & Ike Rouse
[1:08:33] I’m Yours – Oliver Berkeley & The Grey Gentleman
[1:12:28] Better Together – Ike Rouse & Jeff Gus
[1:16:36] Boyfriend – Oliver Berkeley & Jeff Gus

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