Voyage Ambient Chill-Out Lounge Music 3 (44 minutes) Generative Volca #jamuary2024

Please like, subscribe, + share. Best audio on 1080p with headphones. I hope you enjoy this longer session for some relaxing background music. My custom Mood Maker mk2 is playing 4 Volca synths composing the music by reading an onboard environmental sensor and choosing notes based on tiny shifts in temperature and pressure in the room. Check out Voyage 2 – it’s amazing! I truly hope the energy of the music uplifts you.

My hope and intention is that this music brings comfort, relaxation, and soothing energy to all who hear it. Please use this for meditation, calming, reading, studying, or background music however it fits into your life. Check out my channel and playlist for short and long ambient music videos – each session is unique. I have major key and minor key sessions.
This is my fav (other than this one):
Link to playlist:
Here’s a link to a very pretty major key meditative session with Mood Maker mk1:

The special ambient sauce in this session is the Korg NTS1 running the Haze HD reverb from

For more info on what Mood Maker mk2 is, see the description of the first Voyage video:

Wishing you wellness and well-being.

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Gear Info (with some affiliate links)
– CME MIDI thru 5 box
– Volca Bass
– Volca Beats
– Volca FM2
– Volca Keys
– Volca Mix utilizing the send out and width controls
– Korg NTS1 for reverb
– Makerhart mixer
– Recorded audio using an old Zoom R8 digital multitrack recorder
– Northern Light Projector
– No post processing except for removing noise at the beginning

Video recorded on my old phone and edited with free kdenlive software for Windows. Sorry about the flicker of the Northern Light projector at times. This was a ‘quick and dirty’ set up in the living room. I hope you enjoy it, though.

I’m a bargain hunter. I got all my Volcas and the stand used – sometimes there are good deals on eBay and Reverb especially on bundles.

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