Meet “Anima Nera” the Italian Poetry Rockband!

Anima Nera The Italian Rockstars!

This italian rockband will rock-on no matter what! Listen to their songs on Spotify and watch them play in this video below. Feel free to send them a private message through their social media and don’t forget to like & share their music if you like & care! 🙂 

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Massimiliano De Angeli (Vicenza, rhythm guitar, harmonica and voice) Stefano Speranza (Zanè, solo guitar, choirs) Lorenzo Piva (Monticello conte otto, drums, choirs) Fabio Lanaro (Gambugliano, bass, choirs) Alessandro pilastro (Thiene keyboards) and weekly we are in our operational base in Olmo di creazzo, to prepare what we are..the Anima Nera (your rock aperitif)

Anima Nera was officially started in 2013 with the occasion of the wedding of guitarist Stefano Speranza, we came from a few years of standby, we rehearsed occasionally at the Jack hole in Vicenza east … but really when we started playing together, nobody remembers it . We have always been prepared to make our music, because we liked the idea of creating something that was born from within us, something that united our experiences. We have always tried to create a varied sound, without excessive virtuosity, the idea was to put the band first and not the individual musician.

To the overall sound we tried to combine texts that came from the heart, mixing poetry and music, in the style of the great Italian songwriters. The result was a mix of Italian rock and songwriting in pure Anima Nera style. Our songs are born in a simple way, Massimiliano De Angeli takes care of the lyrics, while for the musical part on an idea, each one develops what concerns his own part independently trying to “enter” into what the song wants to represent.
In 2017 the idea of the “THIRD COMFORT” concept album was born. A journey through sentiment, which tells the story of how a love is born and how this can end. 

Artist name: Anima Nera
Album: Terzo Incomodo
Genre: Rock

Connect with Anima Nera

The songs follow a very subtle thread and the protagonist is the third inconvenient, who is not a person but the feeling that changes and changes over time. The journey starts with “Sahara” which represents solitude and ends with “old habits”, that is, the return to solitude. In the middle we move from falling in love with “You” to the dreamed love of “the mystery of the moonbeam”. In “my house” you want to give strength to your origins, to your certainties, but all this is not enough to keep the feeling in its place, because “Attentions” arrive to stabilize the soul, and the “Little Things” that confuse the heart. Like all love stories “The passion that can only result in the physical love of” Without limits “bursts” The return to normality is told in “Reflected images” (with which we participated in Vicenzanet music) where the memory of the good past moments flows into memory.

After a discreet live activity, in 2018 we created “AMANTIDE” to follow up on our work,
managing in two years to churn out two albums.

This cd is a look at what is going on inside us. Here then is born the love escape of “What makes us unique”, the desire to isolate oneself from the world to think of “I’ll be back tomorrow”. “I want to live well” is a declaration of love, “It cannot be love” a cry of anger to bring back a love that is gone, “Teresa” speaks of loneliness, “High emotional tension” is a goliardic song of a dialogue between two boyfriends, “clandestine love” tells of a betrayal, “who knows who you are now” is a hymn to the meaning of the word love while “honey in the soul” is a dialogue with your soul, with “Mild” returns to tell an inner discomfort due to your ego. “Butterflies of dust” is a song in itself. Talk about the death of Jews in Nazi concentration camps.

We both self-produced the CDs and we took care of the graphics. Some health problems that slowed us down a bit during 2019 (which we still engaged with live and participation in the Vicenza rock contest) this coronavirus quarantine has also arrived. This did not stop us, syntoradio dedicated an hour of broadcasting with interviews and music to us, we arranged our material on the major music platforms, we created a youtube channel and we are preparing the new CD that we hope to see materially at the end of the year . Our plans are .. don’t stop making plans!

We are about to make the regional finals of Sanremo rock and we are in contact with several record companies to try to make a change to our ideas

Connect with Anima Nera

Check out the latest Music Video by Anima Nera with Ti Voglio Vivere Bene

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