Home Online Music Woods in Twilight (mix3) Most Beautiful Ambient Music (#ambient #lounge #chillen #relaxing )
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Woods in Twilight (mix3) Most Beautiful Ambient Music (#ambient #lounge #chillen #relaxing )

Woods in Twilight (mix3) Most Beautiful Ambient Music (#ambient #lounge #chillen #relaxing )

Dreamy Music for Relaxation – Beautiful Ambient Gemafreie instrumental Music for Relaxing
#gemafrei #music #ambient #chillout #lounge #soundtrack #chillmusic #synthesizer #relaxing #instrumental #entspannungsmusik #guitars #piano

Gemafreie Musik – Ambient Chillout Synthpop Musik zum Loslassen und Wohlfühlen
Gemafreie Musikproduktionen | Webdesign | Visuelle Effekte Animationen
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Song Title: Woods in Twilight (mix3)
Tempo: mittel bis langsam
Genre: Ambient, Chillout, Filmmusik, Easy Listening
Stimmung: Melancholisch, locker, entspannt

Relaxed music of a special kind, and the exceptional artist has once again used the whole range of his abilities on this new album. This time it‘s about impressions, feelings and visions of the night, especially the urban night with its romantic lights and dreamy reflections. All of these tracks are of incredible smoothness and magical flow – perfect for creating an absolutely relaxed and yet stimulating mood at the same time. NIGHT LIGHTS is a real Scheffner who
shouldn‘t be missing in any lounge music collection!

Komposition und Arrangement: Scheffner Oliver
Digital Mastering: Scheffner Oliver
Zusätzliche Visuelle Effekte: Scheffner Oliver
Urheberrechte: Scheffner Oliver

Clip (Wald) von josephphackney auf Pixabay.com | Bild-ID: 109454

Music CD – Night Lights
▶ Coverbild: MarciMarc105/Pixabay.com · Artwork: A1-Grafik, Düsseldorf
▶ Digital Mastering und Tonstudio: Mindblaster Farm
▶ Engineer: Peter Wolf

CD 1138 Night Lights
ISBN 9783-95766-486-0
Katalognummer: AA 100-1138

℗ + © 2023 AVITA Media GmbH, Diephol
Printed in Germany Distributed by Neptun Media GmbH
▶ Kontakt – www.neptun24.de


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