Marinba Stone “Tu Quiere Que Me Desacate”

Marinba Stone Desacate 2020

Marinba Stone Tu Quiere Que Me Desacate - Available In Stores Now!

“Tu quiere que me desacate” is a trap rap song about haters who want you to stop doing what you’re doing… The music sounds like Rick Ross, Meek Mills and Drake made a song together but then gave it to a dominican rapper to do in spanish!! You should listen for yourself and give us your opinion in the comments! 

We know Marinba Stone for a while now and are amazed everytime we hear the lyrics because of its profound stories and metaphors. He can do it all, club bangers, reggaeton, rap, trap, and on the bottom of this post you can find him doing a party house type of song with the Lion Bros! Versatile as he may be he will always maintain his unique rapping and performing style! Check out his work on his website listed below. If you want to connect with him directly feel free to follow and add him on social media! Also, don’t forget to add the song to your playlist on Spotify! 

Connect with Marinba Stone!
Connect with Marinba Stone!

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